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Weight Management & Obesity
Many individuals are born with the tendency to store any extra calories consumed as body fat. Our bodies have been programmed to do this to protect against possible future starvation. When humans were first on the earth, this ability to hang onto calories was a plus, but in our modern times - characterized by hectic lifestyles, physical inactivity and the ready availability of plenty of inexpensive, high calorie foods - our bodies havenít had time to adjust, thus setting the stage for an epidemic of obesity.

The materials in this section will provide you with an overview of the topic of obesity, as well as tools that you can use to help you determine portion sizes, calories expended in a variety of daily activities, and to estimate your body composition and protein requirements. You will also find links to other tools which allow you to examine your readiness to undertake a weight loss program, your attitudes towards your own weight and lifestyle, and information on the causes and metabolic consequences of obesity.

Some useful links:

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