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Centers for Obesity Research and Education (C.O.R.E.)

The Centers for Obesity Research and Education (CORE) comprise eight of the leading obesity research and treatment centers in the United States. These nationally recognized centers have combined forces to disseminate knowledge of obesity treatment to the medical community. In response to addressing obesity as a major threat to public health, CORE strives to:

  • Provide timely, relevant education and training about obesity and its management to Primary Care Physicians and other Health Care Professionals
  • Bring expertise to bear as an educational and informational resource in the field of obesity, nationally and in the individual communities we serve
  • Raise the public awareness about the problem of obesity and the risk of excess weight, including options for prevention and management, and the value of weight management in fostering health improvement

Click here for a guide to help patients with a healthy weight loss worksheet


Core Centers

New England Center for Health Education Boston, MA
George L. Blackburn, MD, PhD
Susan Morreale,CHES
Barbara Hodges, MPH, RD

Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
Michael D. Jensen, MD
Kelly Dunagan

Minnesota Obesity Research Center Minneapolis, MN
Charles Billington, MD
Heidi Hoover, MS, RD

Northwestern Memorial Wellness Institute Chicago, IL
Robert Kushner, MD
Leah Pendarvis, PhD
Jennifer Smith, RN

Pennington Biomedical Research Center Baton Rouge, LA
George Bray, MD
Donna Ryan, MD
Eleanor Meador, RN

St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center New York, NY
Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD
Cathy Nonas, RD
Betty Kovacs, MS, RD

UCLA Center for Human Nutrition Los Angeles, CA
David Heber, MD, PhD.
Susan Bowerman, MS, RD

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Denver, CO
James O. Hill, PhD
Holly Wyatt, MD
Robert H. Eckel, MD
Bonnie Jortberg, MS, RD







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