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Your Activity Style

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What Is Your Activity Style?

How often do you…
(Never, Sometimes, Often)

  • Talk with your doctor about your activity plan?
  • Find ways to add more activity to your every day life: using stairs, parking further away from buildings?
  • Do activities that use your large muscle groups and need steady breathing for a total of at least 20 minutes, 3X/week?
  • Consider a new reason to be active: connecting with others, being inspired, seeing something beautiful?
  • Try a new activity: swing dancing, yoga, gardening, in-line skating?
  • Choose activities that respect your body’s strengths and limits?
  • Pay attention to your body, and stop exercising if you feel weak, nauseous, or breathless?

If most of your checks are in the "Often" column – Great!

If most of your checks are in the "Never" or "Sometimes" columns, you have an opportunity to boost your healthy activity level.

Where would you choose to begin?







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