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Physical Facilities, Future Plans
and Funding Opportunities

The Center for Human Nutrition is housed in more than 7,000 square feet of space in the Warren Hall Laboratory for Biomedical and Environmental Sciences at the southwest end of the UCLA campus (see attached floor plan). The location is on Veteran Avenue between Wilshire and Sunset Boulevards and near the 405 Freeway; it has ample parking in a highly accessible and attractive tree-lined site.

The Center for Human Nutrition already has garnered support for an auditorium and conference facility that has been named the S. Daniel Abraham Pavilion, and for the new 940-square-foot, state-of-the-art A. Scott Connelly Laboratory for Nutritional Sciences. The latter is equipped for the measurement of hormones, fatty acids, phytochemicals, and other nutrients critical to nutritionís influence on chronic diseases and aging. Other named units are as follows:

  • The Pharmanex Phytochemical Laboratory was designed for the pursuit of phytotechnology, the study of plant chemicalsí impact on disease.
  • The Dennis A. Tito Gene-Nutrient Interaction Laboratory promotes research of gene-nutrient interactions relevant to cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • The Information Center and Digital Library is intended to meet the needs for a database as well as an authoritative source of health-related nutrition information which is critical to the development and application of functional foods, such as soy protein isolate.
  • There is an Exercise Facility, and a Nutrition Demonstration Center and Test Kitchen is close to completion. The public can attend talks in the auditorium, exercise and determine their levels of fitness in the exercise laboratory, and taste and learn to cook healthy meals in the kitchen. There are also units for body composition analysis and strength testing, as well as dedicated clinical research facilities for supervised clinical trials of dietary supplements and drugs.

Future Plans and Funding Opportunities

The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition intends to develop faculty and administrative support as well as its physical facility. The levels for each are described below.

Corridor of Research Laboratories $2 million
The combined laboratories of the Center span the scientific fields of nutritional biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, clinical research, and body composition. Support of a corridor of laboratories will unite these fields and thus promote the development of new technologies to advance nutrition and disease prevention research.

Endowed Chair $1.5 million
Endowed chairs are used to recognize outstanding faculty, recruit additional talented scholars, and/or provide administrative support that frees the faculty member to devote increased efforts to the creative processes of research, teaching, and patient care.

Endowed Research Fund $750,000
The establishment of an endowment will help secure the future of nutritional sciences and ensure that research in the area of human nutrition progresses uninterrupted. Such a financial resource will support the priorities of the Center, providing critical money for the activities of some of its brightest and most promising scientists and clinicians.

Endowed Research Fellowship $500,000
Under the guidance of a faculty mentor in the Center, a highly accomplished fellow will conduct investigations and receive laboratory experience, both of which are coordinated with his/her clinical activities. Such an investment in future academic leadership will multiply the benefits many times over, as highly gifted students will learn from the most distinguished professors in the Center.

Research Laboratory $500,000
This valuable research space is dedicated to the exploration of a multitude of human nutrition issues, which will lead to advances in the field. A number of special naming opportunities is available.

The Center for Human Nutrition also seeks relationships with industry, where the research expertise and creative talent at UCLA may apply new and innovative directions of nutritional sciences to the development of foods and food-related products. These arrangements are negotiated through the UCLA Office of Sponsored Research.


Further information is available on any of the above programs from the Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, Dr. David Heber, by calling 310-206-1987 (Fax 310-206-5264). Your inquiries are most welcome.

Introduction and Rationale
Vision and Objectives
Organization, Programs, and Leadership
Physical Facilities, Future Plans, and Funding Opportunites







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